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Welcome to metalog training tools!

Who are we?Teamwork Exercise with small group

Metalog is a German company who have been producing training and development activites for a decade. The products are carefully designed with precise outcomes in mind by Tobi and Erwin. They design four new products a year which are tested and refined before being offered to the training community. Metalog products are often imitated, but only Metalog have the exacting design and quality construction that ensures that every time you use Metalog, you are assured of great training results.

We are experienced trainers and Metalog users who have been selling the tools in the UK since the beginning of 2010. Metalog have developed a reputation as Europe's leading producer of leadership, team building, communication, sales training and process activities. Our top selling tool is the Tower of Power which combines complete team involvement and engagement with a physically appealing construction task. It's fantastic for team development and can therefore be used as a leadership or management exercise as well as being versatile enough to use to explore organisational values and change management.

Teamwork Activities

All our learning tools are fantastic for developing teamwork and putting a team's skills under the micropscope but they can also do much more. Metalog tools can facilitate a complete development day including team diagnostics, team skills training, reviewing tools and action planning. Have a look at TeamBeam, Marble Run, Team2, Systeam, Reality Check, Team Navigator, Tower of Power, Leonardo's Bridge, Easy Spider, The Maze, Floating stick (also known as the magic stick), Pipeline, String ball, Communicards, Scoop, or Communic8 if you're interested in classic team and communication exercises!

Working together

Leadership & Management Exercises Exercises

All our activities and learning tools can be used to learn about specific aspects of leadership or management such as managing time, resources and inter-personal relationships. Metalog leadership tools can help individuals explore and experiment with leadership styles and receive valuable perspective and constructive feedback. Have a look at Heart Selling if you're interested in sales, Culturallye or Strange World if you're interested in to organizational culture, competitive strategy for Ecopoly or Complexity for time and quality management.


Some of our learning tools and activities lend themselves brilliantly to working with large numbers and multiple groups. Have a look at Domino Effect, Soap Box, Magic Nails or HeckMeck for exercises that work with large groups. Loony loops make a great conference giveaway or activity for several hundred people to have a go at at once!

Building a team can be fun!Reflecting and Reviewing

Reflecting and reviewing are essential parts of an effective team development program. Have a look at our band for creating an intimate reviewing space, our EmotionCards for a more creative approach to reflection or our Facilitation Balls for three dimensional review tools that will add depth to discussions.


Come and join us on a workshop to have a play with the learning activities and to learn more about experiential learning theory and effective reviewing!

Happy browsing!

Shirley & Lucy

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