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Leonardo‘s Bridge

Overcoming any obstacle.

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Product Description


The Project. The idea for this construction comes from the universal genius Leonardo Da Vinci. Around 1480, he designed a transportable bridge that could be erected without tools.
Important goals in team development are creating stability within the group and the ability to bridge gaps and overcome obstacles.
So, let your group face this challenge! Leonardo’s Bridge will result in visible success that will promote team spirit.

How It’s Done. The delegates’ task is to construct a self-supporting bridge of 4 metres size, using only the 28 sticks provided. It is not allowed to use any other tools. After first brainstorming in smaller subgroups, all delegates start constructing the bridge. The key factors for success are coordination within the group, creativity and sharing of knowledge. The result will be a self-supporting construction, which can serve as a metaphor for internal and external team stability.
Another issue that can be addressed is how teams grow closer, for instance, in an intercultural environment. The delegates start constructing the bridge, beginning at two ends. The bridge brings them closer together. In the end, the two parts of the bridge become one. The key factors for success are coordination, cooperation and adjustment (as regards the method of construction) between the two subgroups.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delegates (min/opt/max): 6 / 10 / 14
Time (w/o debriefing): 45 - 60 minutes.
Space Requirements: 5 x 8 m.
Topics & Outcomes: Team Building: communication interchange, dealing withshortages, coordination, team interaction, facilitating.
Project Management: Dealing with sparse resources, sharing know-how, finding creative solutions.
Intercultural Communication: adjustment, accepting views andideas of others.
Contents: 28 sticks (wood, sanded, coated, red), 28 small sticks for the planning stage, 1 detailed instructions sheet.
Delivery time approx. 2-4 days (except islands and express)
Dimensions: 99 x 16 x 14 cm.
Weight: 8 kg incl. case.