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Product Description


The Project.
In daily life, teams are often faced with situations where a solution can only be found if they all literally “pull together”. Use Flottes Rohr - Scoop to vividly illustrate just how important cooperation and facilitation are when it comes to working together as a real team.

How It’s Done.
The group’s task is to lift a ball from the ground using a shovellike tube, then transport it to a designated spot (such as a bucket) where it is then deposited. All delegates take hold of one (or more, depending on group size) of the ropes attached to the device, forming a circle in the process. They then jointly manoeuvre Flottes Rohr - Scoop towards their goal. There are various tried and trusted versions of this activity that you can use with your group:
Remote Control: The group is split into a team of managers and a team of workers. The managers are responsible for coordinating the project but are not allowed to touch the ropes. To master this challenge, they need to develop an effective and transparent communication style as well as be focused on achieving targets. Activation: The exercise is carried out by the entire group, focusing on team issues.
Self-Organization: Without explicitly defining team roles, the group needs to solve the task by organizing itself efficiently. The challenge here is to identify and assign the various roles needed to get the job done.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delegates (min/opt/max): 6 / 14 / 16
Time (w/o debriefing): 15 - 20 minutes
Space Requirements: 10 x 10 m
Topics & Outcomes: Team building: cooperating, communicating, focusing on goals, facilitating, identifying interdependencies in systems.
Self-organization: concentrating, focusing.
Energiser: seminar start, post-lunch.
Contents: 1 shovel tube with 16 robust strings (3mm x 2.5 m, detachable), 2 balls, 1 detailed instructions manual.
Delivery time approx. 2-4 days (except islands and express)
Dimensions: 31 x 22 x 15 cm.
Weight: 1 kg.